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AGAP is a Group Member of the IAAP, and accredited by the IAAP as a training group. In 1956, AGAP’s first president Mary Briner represented our association at a meeting with other Jungian groups to approve the IAAP’s founding minutes, making of AGAP one among the IAAP’s charter members. (Minutes of the Meeting).

The IAAP was founded in 1955 by a group of psychoanalysts to sustain and promote the work of C. G. Jung. Among the ways the IAAP fulfills its mission is to function as an accrediting body for its group members that offer professional training in Analytical Psychology. Today the IAAP recognizes 58 groups throughout the world, and over 3000 analysts trained in accordance with standards established by the Association. The Association and its members support triennial congresses, as well as other academic and clinical meetings, that advance research in depth psychology. More about the IAAP.