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“. . . I saw solitude and its beauty, and I seized the life of the inanimate and the meaning of meaninglessness. . . . And thus my tree grew in the solitude and quiet, eating the earth with its roots far down and drinking the sun with branches reaching high up. The solitary . . . guest entered my soul. But my greening life flooded me.”

C.G. Jung*

The Place

The International School of Analytical Psychology Zürich (ISAPZURICH) is housed in a light-drenched, historically protected Jugendstil building—a post office built in 1911—which, aptly for us, displays beneath its main roof eaves a painting of Hermes, the messenger god of antiquity. Located conveniently near the city center and the main train station, the school stands adjacent to a lush green park and not far from the Lake of Zürich.      

ISAPZURICH, established in 2004 by 90 Zürich-based AGAP analysts, runs on the basis of two full semesters each year, offering post-graduate level programs in both English and German. The school thus provides many opportunities to sample, study, and undertake immersion training in Analytical Psychology—be it for personal enrichment and/or for professional development. It all takes place in an atmosphere imbued with the cultural diversity of the people who run and attend the school.

Discovery and Intensive Study

ISAP’s regular semester program of lectures and open seminars allows everyone with the curiosity to discover Analytical Psychology. A number of special programs afford more intensive study. They include, among others: the Jungian Odyssey; the Zürich Lecture Series; Fundamentals of Analytical Psychology; Basic Jung; Märztagung; and Jung entdecken. Not infrequently, such programs prove be stepping stones to participation in ISAP’s immersion program.  

Immersion Training

Immersion training in Analytical Psychology can be life-changing. Its value has been proven for individuals who seek to become professional Jungians—and also for others who seek deepened self-knowledge and meaning in their lives and work. With this, its core mission—the training of Jungian analysts and psychotherapists—ISAP embodies especially AGAP’s commitment to the traditional Zürich modus of full-time, residency-based training. This model remains for us the most exciting and efficacious creation of the alchemical vessel, where the formation of the individual takes priority, uniting laboratory and oratory in daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal cycles that contain both the individual calling and the beneficial spirit of communitas. All graduates qualify to apply for AGAP membership and to obtain IAAP membership through AGAP. Depending on the training track, some graduates receive a Swiss federal title and may apply for cantonal psychotherapy practice licenses.  

Personal Analysis

As part of its public outreach, ISAP maintains a Counseling Service that refers enquiring individuals for personal Jungian analysis, psychotherapy, or counseling. Thanks to the international backgrounds of ISAP’s analysts and analysts-in-training, these services are offered not only in English and German, but to date, in some 12 other languages as well.  


ISAPZURICH, Stampfenbachstrasse 115

ISAPZURICH, Stampfenbachstrasse 115

*The Red Book, Liber Novus, A Reader’s Edition; ed. Sonu Shamdasani, trans. Mark, Kyburz, John Peck, Sonu Samdashani; Philemon Series with the Foundation of the Works of C.G. Jung, Zürich (New York: W.W. Norton & Co., 2009), ff. 67, “Draft,” p. 262.